3D laser cutting machines


3D-Laser cutting machines

Thanks to the great versatility of extremely efficient 3D laser machine tool, it can be used both for straight metal sheets, as well as cubic elements. Cutouts of tubes and C, H, I and L profiles are a perfect task for Mazak Fabri Gear device, as it is intended for cutting longer tubes (up to 15 m). 3D cutting head and simultaneously operating axes by the head using very few settings execute cut outs at an angle, sideways and expanded by more complicated forms, as seamless joint cuts. 64-bit NC control allows fast and simple cutting of such complex contours.

Thanks to 3D CAD drawing, data import and manual input of data, the device can generate NC data using Mazak Space CAM software and simulates the cutting process. Complex forms for seamless joint cut outs are also executed automatically.

Space Gear 48 / 510
2D, 3D + pipe laser

Space Gear U44
2D, 3D + pipe laser with small size

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