Space Gear 48 / 510


Space Gear 48 / 510 MkII

Space Gear MkII – flexible and 2D/3D full laser machining of flat metal sheets and complete 3D elements

Laser machine tool for 2D/3D cutting of SPACE GEAR MkII series has wide cutting range and can be used both for cutting flat metal sheets, as well as components of cubic structures. Thanks to the constant length of the stream, cutting power and precision are the same in every point of work table.  64-bit CNC combined with extremely durable construction ensures a high rate of cutting flat metal sheets, as well as complicated profiles and 3D shapes. Compact cutting head of laser machine tool is designed in such a manner as to minimize risk of collision of processed objects during cutting of volume elements. Thanks to the parallel CNC of six axes, it is possible to make precise contact of round tube to square profile, by simply using three commands in the software.

Programming is carried out in off-line mode, through especially developed for this machine CAD/CAM software that enables stable processing of complicated 3D shapes.

Mazak Space Gear laser machine tools are available for the following metal sheet formats:


Metal sheet format

Space Gear 48 MkII

Medium format: 2500mm × 1250mm

Space Gear 510 MkII

Large-size format: 3000mm × 1500mm

Overview of selected advantages of Space Gear laser machine tools:

  • 3D head for 2D and 3D laser cutting of flat sheet, tubes and profiles, as well as complex formed components.
  • CN controlled tube axis of 160 mm diameter
  • Constant length for every position of machined component
  • 64bit CNC
  • Compact, rigid cast framework
  • Small floor space
  • Hermetic guiding of jet purified with air flow
  • Possibility of laser cutting non-metal products, as plastics, wood, cardboard
  • 5-axis cutting head with 7.5” lens
  • Non-contact material detection up to level of cutting nozzle
  • Laser pointer for precise positioning of cutting head
  • 2D CAD/CAM software
  • Clamps for machined element
  • Conveyer
  • Belt conveyor for small elements
  • High-pressure system for laser cutting with nitrogen
  • Operating light
  • Status indicator
  • Teaching Box
  • Automatic changing over gas
  • Cooler
  • NC jaw chuck in form of tube axis (ø285mm)
  • 3D CAD / CAM software
  • Fast puncturing mode
  • 2D cutting head
  • Extraction-filter system
  • Laser automation due to CELL/FMS navigation

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