Laser Cell

Quick, efficient pneumatic loading/unloading system of MAZAK Laser CELL series for use in laser machining tools picks up each material sheet individually and places it on the cutting table of the machine. After the completion of the cutting process the material is put away with scraper, placed on unloading table and stacked. Automation occurs in a natural manner in terms of detection of double sheets using expansion magnets.  Such an automation process requires minimum space and provides fully automatic loading and unloading of up to 4 laser machining tools by only one device. It is extremely compact and requires minimum floor space.  The investment in this very advantageous cost-wise automation is a one time investment

General features

  • Low purchase price due to fast amortization
  • Possibility of installation in Mazak machine tools at later time
  • Possibility of equipping 4 machines with automation
  • Operator involvement is not necessary
  • Possibility of expanding at any moment of fully automated metal sheet loading system MAZAK FMS

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