Pipe lasers / profile lasers


Laser for 2D tube cutting, 3D laser for tube cutting – fully automated laser profile machine tools

Laser tube and profile cutting

These complex and flexible lasers for 3D cutting of round and square tubes, as well as C-, H-, I-, and L profiles. 3D laser cutting head for cutting pipes and simultaneously controlled tensioning jaws are machining – after single set-up of a machine – in the form of direct cutting of angles, bevelling and more complicated forms like belt connections. Maximum length of machined element can be up to 8,000 mm (optionally up to 15,000 mm).

Thanks to the state-of-the-art 64-bit NC, all these complex forms can be presented in a graphical form. Software for Mazak FCGAM-type form generates NC code from 3D CAD drawing quickly, imports data or can be used for preparing drawings, and runs initial simulation of cutting.

Laser for tube 3D cutting Mazak Fabri Gear MkII 220 / 400
The most flexible laser for tube 3D cutting on the market

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