3D Fabri Gear 220 & 400


3D Fabri Gear 220 & 400 - high end fully automated laser for tube 3D cutting

Mazak Fabri Gear device is a premium laser for tube 3D cutting. Cutting head of laser for tube cutting 3D in combination with various technical innovations and fully automated handling of material brings a new quality in the field of laser machining of pipes and profiles, as well as providing unprecedented possibilities of machining even complex open profiles.

Automatic machining 3D of tubes and profiles of length up to 15m

Long materials are loaded to laser storage, while the unloading process is controlled automatically.

The cutting head of laser for tube 3D cutting allows precise cutting-out of corners. Rotary cutting head 3D of laser, not only cuts in a vertical direction to the material’s surface, but also provides precise laser cutting result at any angle and bevelling.

Automatic laser machining of short and long elements from materials of various forms.

Cutting head

Compact laser cutting head 3D FABRI GEAR 220/300 integrates movements in axis A and axis B. Using cutting lens 7.5, it is possible to cut any material of any thickness. A capacitive sensor cutting head is standard equipment of profile cutting laser.

Non-contact sensor

Non-contact sensor allows constant clearance to be maintained between the nozzle and material surface, in order to prevent scratching of the surface (the profile must be made of material).

Laser pointer with mixture of helium and nitrogen

Laser with mixture of helium and nitrogen differs from CO2 laser by the possibility of operation from (NC) control panel. The red stream precisely indicates the cutting point, in order to simulate on-line 3D cutting programme.

Material loading

Using the state-of-the-art NC, loading storage can be supplied with materials of various dimensions. Conveyor can pick up to 5 pieces of material, in order to carry out automatic loading of the laser for tube or profile cutting.

Material unloading unit

Ready elements are stored in unloading storage of laser for tube cutting using NC. Transport conveyor can pick up to five long elements in order to provide continuous manufacturing operation. Short pieces of tubes and profiles are put gently on the conveyor and taken away.

Touch Sensor

The external cross section of tube is determined using measurement module installed on the side of the machine front, and the parameters are transmitted to the control system. The dimensions of external profile edges, as well as automatic stopping mode in case of deviation of cutting from Y axis guarantee best quality and maximum precision of tube cutting.

Weld detection

CCD camera installed within the cutting head allows the detection of weld joints (soldering points) and tube furrows before cutting operation in order to automatically establish the order of individual operations.

Loading system (optional)

Additional loading system of laser for cutting tubes.  The loading system also allows fully automated loading of short tubes and profiles of length 2200mm ~ 3658mm.

Tapping unit

Optional tapping module up to M12 laser for tube cutting allows an easy further processing of cut out with laser original opening to thread after placing the element in the holder. The threading module is fully automated and software controlled.  The threader is additionally inspected for cracks.  

Fabri Gear MkII laser for tube/profile 3D cutting has different automation possibilities providing maximum efficiency:

Self-aligning jaws, mobile V-shaped support, double clamps, weld joint detection system. Additional special clamps for short elements allow the material use rate and material measurement to be increased.  All open and closed profiles can be aligned and mounted automatically. The unloading process of ready elements is controlled automatically. Module taking short ready elements of dim. ≤ 700mm.

Loading station for long materials

V-shaped mobile support help to mount long elements while they are held down using material clamps in order to prevent any displacement of material.

MAZAK FG CAD/CAM software can maintain 11-axis automatically controlled tube and profile cutting program, using detection of various cutting contours. The programs working in off-line mode does not have to be set up when the machine is working.

The software allows the programming of both simple material forms, as well as customized materials. From the very beginning the cutting process is monitored by 3D simulation and automatically optimized if necessary. Machining designs are automatically recorded – only introduced opening contour, material contour, angle or position of element is adjusted appropriately in a fast and efficient manner by the software.

Laser for tube cutting with unparalleled precision

Sensor system of laser for tube cutting registers automatically any movement of material, as well as material delays, thus increasing cutting precision, while the cutting image is adjusted automatically to the delay.

3D FABRI GEAR Mk II laser for tube/profile cutting is more than just another laser cutting-off machine, equipped with vertical cutting head and turntable.  3D FABRI GEAR Mk II flexible laser for tube cutting can be easily used for cutting tube connections and bevels (bevelling, inclined tongues).






Type of material

round /square /H-, I-, L profile/open profile
structural steel / stainless steel / aluminium

Material length *1


3450 - 8000mm

max. diameter


round ø20-220 mm
square ø20-152.4

round  ø20-406 mm
square ø20-300 mm

max. unit weight




Clamp height




Advance path

Z-head up / down
A-head rotation
B-head inclination



Process rate








Noise emission



*1 standard length is 8000mm, other lengths of machined elements - 6m, 12m, 15m are available on request

  • Cutting lens 7.5" + cutting head - non-contact
  • Automatic loading
  • Automatic unloading
  • Material-Support system prevents thin materials from ‘blocking’ in order to ensure high precision of process.
  • Safety guard + light barriers
  • Laser pointer for nozzles – for ease of reaching defined points
  • Gripping device – takes cut element of dimension ≤700mm and puts them aside
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Automatic choice of piercing gas
  • NC cutting pressure
  • Cooler
  • Touch Sensor - touch sensor for measurement of material
  • Additional loading system – for automated loading of short profiles of length ≥2200mm.
  • Threading module with 6 threaders up to dim. M12
  • Automatic measurement of profile length
  • Weld detection
  • Cutting head 5" (only for 3D FG220 MkII)
  • Extraction-filter system
  • Belt conveyor for pieces of dim. ≤ 700mm

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